25/04/2016 update

• The economic crisis will worsen more and more.

• The solution is my method: useful to eliminate quickly and reduce government debt (in the regime) all fees at 5%.
• The premier Radio does not apply or is prevented.
• Economists are silent.
• The press is muzzled: How can the citizen ask my solution if you don't know it exists?
• Who is blocking everything and everyone?
• Today the choice to make is not between political parties or civil society but between unions or delinquent.

First you create a cash flow available to the Government in order to use it for economic recovery and for structural reforms. In consultation with the social partners, all workers must devolve to the Treasury "NET GAIN" of a working day. With the introduction of the "WORKING SATURDAY" the employee will contribute to state recovery. Four days per month. Forty days per year. An experimental year is a must. At the same time employers will devote the "NET GAIN" of its activities for the forty days of the year.
The sum resulting from public/private workforce will be devolved to the Treasury whose management will be entrusted to a special COMMITTEE of CONTROL and WARRANTY.
However, regardless of the economic data is important to undertake a policy of general rehabilitation and rigor of Auditors ppbb to activate a virtuous spiral, which feels the lack, to gratify and encourage right now Freeman for the efforts that must be fixed (in place of the classic "blood and tears" and "put your hands in your Pocket savers"). This is a necessary and sufficient condition for taking any initiative. The policy is invited to promote this initiative-and improved-to meet quotas and notes that a new expected social and political course has long been known as Risorgimento. Political parties instead of playing the mea culpa would do better to decide definitively to launch those reforms announced for decades (see my blog) to implement a perfect exit strategy-which surely will be also applied by other countries-and set the governability of lines from the beginning and not continue to live for the day.
The astronomical figures that will be available in a short time is the best guarantee for a perfect and long-lasting success and infuse a well-founded optimism.
Regarding Europe, the talk is different. If Italy doesn't have the cards in order to have a say in Europe it is also true that Europe does not have all the cards to "affect" the Italy. Both they failed to avoid the crisis and both are difficult to manage. Summary: structural reforms, institutional, and also the fight against waste and inefficiencies have to be implemented both in Italy and in Europe.
In any case, my method is to be applied to fixed-term or until you reach those goals that ensure a sustainable and shared development: debt reduction ppbb; reducing the tax burden; institutional reform (see the blog; followed by a general policy.
Countless are the benefits deriving from this operation that affects both the high-risk countries and those most advantaged. But this is another topic.
If everything goes well, the IBL will not remove the nice if debt clock ppbb scanned in real time. It's a piece of history that will be removed and you will be in good company with that of Times Square and the Debt clock of The Economist.
This document is reproduced from a technical report. Thanks for your attention.
p.i. Antonio Agherbino

technical data
Net profit  industrial  2011         3.600  Mld   €
 net income employees 2011       400  Mld   €

Total       . . . . . . . . . . . .                  4.000  Mld   €
public debt  2011                            2.000  Mld   €
interest expense  2011                     100  Mld   €
                            Total                                     2.100  Mld   €           
4.000  -  2.100  =  1.900        Mld    €



F R E N C H 

s o s - italie
Mise à jour 15/09/14

·     La crise économique s'aggrave.
·     La solution est ma méthode :
·     Le premier ministre Renzi ne
s'applique'  pas, ou est bloqué.
·     Les économist essont silencieux.
·     La presse est muselée : comment les personnes peuvent demander pour ma solution si vous ne savez pas il existe ?
·     Qui bloque tout et tout le monde ?
·     Au jourd'hui, le choix d'agir non plus entreles parties ou lessyndicats, mais entre la société civile ou délinquant.


Vous commencez par créer un flux de revenu continu et fiable pour être la position du gouvernement italien-dispo afin de le pour utiliser pour le redressement économique, mais aussi pour la réduction immédiate de la dette nationale.
Le projet consiste dans le cadre de l'engagement de l'entreprise et ses employés à payer au Trésor pour son « profit NET » pour un seul jour-vo non transformé (un samedi).
La somme résultant des entreprises publiques/privées qui seront reversés au Trésor sera gérée par un Comité spécial de garantie et de contrôle sous l'égide du gouvernement.


Dernière  heure
INDUSTRIE BÉNÉFICE NET  2011        3.600  Mld 
BÉNÉFICE NET DE  EMPLOYÉS              400  Mld 
TOTAL                                                        4.000  Mld 
DETTE  PUBLIC   2011                               2.000  Mld €
INTERET PASSIF  2011                                 100  Mld €
TOTAL                                                           2.100  Mld €
4.000  -  2.100  =  1.900    Mld  

G E R M A N 

• Die wirtschaftliche Krise wird mehr und mehr verschlimmert.

• Die Lösung ist meine Methode: nützlich, um schnell vermeiden und Staatsschulden (in das Regime) alle Gebühren auf 5 % zu verringern.
• Das erste Radio gilt nicht oder wird verhindert.
• Ökonomen sind verstummt.
• Die Presse mundtot gemacht ist: Wie kann der Bürger fragen, meine Lösung wenn Sie nicht wissen, es existiert?
• Wer alles und jeden blockiert?
• Heute die Wahl zu machen ist nicht zwischen politischen Parteien oder Zivilgesellschaft sondern zwischen Gewerkschaften oder Delinquent.


Zuerst erstellen Sie eine kontinuierliche und sichere Einnahmequelle durch die Bereitstellung der italienischen Regierung um es für die wirtschaftliche Sanierung, sondern auch für die sofortige Senkung der Staatsverschuldung zu verwenden.
Das Projekt besteht im Zusammenhang mit Engagement für das Unternehmen und seine Mitarbeiter in der Entlohnung an den Fiskus für seine "NET GAIN" von einer einzigen arbeitsfreien Tag (ein Samstag).
Die Summe, die aus öffentlichen und privaten Unternehmen, die an den Fiskus gespendet werden wird durch einen SONDERAUSSCHUSS der Garantie und Kontrolle unter der Schirmherrschaft der Regierung verwaltet.

P.I. ANTONIO  AGHERBINO – via margherita di savoia, 51 -  70017 putignano (bari)



3.600  MLD

400   MLD

TOTALE        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
4.000  MLD

SCHULDEN 2011                          2.000  MLD
 ZINSAUFWAND 2011                      100  MLD
 TOTALE     . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              2.100  MLD                                                   

4.000  -   2.100  =  1.900  MLD


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